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Ukraine intends to force Russia gas companies pay more than $ 3 billion in fines

Moscow, August 19 1xbet Reuters new media Ukraine anti-monopoly Committee Terentyev said 19th, the Antimonopoly Committee is ready to sue Russia’s Gazprom, appeal to force the companies to pay more than 3 billion dollar fine.

Terentyev said, “Antimonopoly Committee of the punishment for Russia’s Gazprom should be implemented, as the latter did not take the initiative to pay the fine, the Antimonopoly Committee will resort to the courts. “

Terentyev did not say prosecution of Russia’s Gazprom, but indicated that it is ready for all the related material. He said that Russia’s Gazprom after the exhaustion of all means of appeal proceedings.

Terentyev also believes that, due to Russia’s Gazprom in overseas, so the implementation of the decision of the technical difficulty.

Ukraine anti-monopoly Committee 2015 accused Russia’s Gazprom monopoly on gas transport market abuse and fined the company 85.86 billion Ukraine hryvnia (about 3.41 billion dollars) fine and make it paid before April 12, 2016.

Russia’s Gazprom to Ukraine through the 1xbet website expressed surprise at the decision, saying it did not in Ukraine operating only in Russia’s western border to the Ukraine oil and gas company gas transmission. Russia’s Gazprom then in Ukraine several court appeals were rejected. So far the company has not Ukraine anti-monopoly Committee’s punishment to pay the fine.

Fourth of July Party Drinks


Sick of the same old drink being served at backyard parties? Here are six unique recipes to try at your next backyard bash. With fresh fruit, juices and sparkling wines involved, these drinks will keep your guest coming back for more.

Old-Fashioned Lemonade

An all-American favorite, lemonade is always a crowd-pleaser when it comes to backyard parties. If it’s a family party, put the kids in charge of making it to give them some ownership, responsibility and pride in the party spread.

Pink Lemonade Sparkling Fruit Punch

If you’re looking for something more exciting than a classic lemonade, try this version mixed with cranberry juice, ginger ale and Hawaiian Punch, it’s lemonade’s more exciting cousin. And in the case that you need an adult version, substitute the ginger ale for ginger beer, or even pour some sparkling water or wine in to add some fizz.

Blackberry and Meyer Lemon Gin and Tonics

For the adults, make this take on lemonade for a fancier drink option. Adding fresh blackberries not only makes it more decorative and pretty, but adds a fresh taste not available any other time of the year.

Citrus Berry Punch

This punch is perfect for your summer backyard party, regardless of the occasion. With fresh blackberries, raspberries and oranges mixed with fruit juices, this punch is refreshing and can be made for adults or for kids, depending if you’d want to add some wine, champagne or vodka.

Watermelon Sangria

No backyard party is complete until it has a watermelon, and this is an easy way to put a giant one to use. With peaches, plums or nectarines with berries and lime, watermelon sangria is a light drink that’s sure to appeal to many of your guests.


The Path To Finding Better Florists

How To Start A Local Flower Business

The first step to starting the flower business is learning the art of floral design. There are skills that are very important in this kind of business like good interpersonal skills and having a business sense as well. This is a start to being a great business owner.

To be a florist, you will not only need to love flowers but also have an eye for details and be creative in nature. Most of the work is done manually using the hands and therefore it will be necessary for you to be physically fit with good hands.

Being able to relate well to people is a part of the business acumen. Different customers will be coming in and going out and therefore it will be important to relate well with all of them. You find that at times you will need to supply flowers to very emotional people especially for weddings and funerals. You will need to be very diplomatic and helpful in such stressful moments.
A Quick History of Businesses

Attending a college to learn one or two things about floral work is an important thing to do. You can decide on going to a community program in the local area or even visit a shop where you can be learning through apprenticeship. It is good to join a floral shop to learn more in experience when schooling. You can decide to do that as an internship or volunteer to be arranging the flowers.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Florists? This May Help

Working in a florist shop is the best way you can get firsthand experience in what challenges you would be expected to deal with on a daily basis. Being at this position, be able to interact with vendors and know who the best is and also get to know how you can be able to save money. It is better to have a working experience alongside the certificate than just studies all alone.

If you will need to open your shop in your local area, then you will need to know the licenses and certificates that will be needed. Getting a business license should be the first thing you will need before anything else.

To be an entrepreneur needs someone to be a risk taker and also be able to face numerous challenges. For the business to be successful, much time and work need to be put in and also hardwork. Ensure you get to meet all customers irrespective of the time they come to the shop. You might extent the opening and closing hours as well. There is the high season where flowers are needed in plenty like during Christmas and valentine season, in this case prior planning will always be needed.

What I Can Teach You About Houses

Selecting the Most Appropriate Tampa Realtor

Whether purchasing or selling property it’s among the biggest monetary occasions; that occurs just several times in your life. That makes selecting a realtor a vital choice that can possibly add to the stressful event or allow it to be simpler and smoother. So, pick your realtor as attentively as you’ll pick your lawyer or physician.

In deciding on the best realtor the initial step would be to request friends, family, neighbors, and business associates for recommendations. Ask them why they liked the realtor, what kind of service he/she supplied, and would they use him or her again? Don’t contemplate recommendations of their relatives-it’s suspicious that you will be getting a precise view on the realtor.

If you did not get several genuinely exemplary recommendations, subsequently drive throughout your neighborhood and assess the “for sale” signs, notably those with “Sold” stuck across them. Note the identity of the realtor. Additionally, take a look at real estate, display and classified advertisements in local Tampa neighborhood paper and your newspaper. Which realtors have the most listings? Which have the greatest or most display advertising with pictures of the homes? Notice the realtor names.
News For This Month: Properties

By now, you should have an excellent list of potential realtors. It’s time to look at them. Attend a minimum of one open house for each realtor you happen to be contemplating. Find them in actions and judge their expertise. Are they professional or do they come across as not so good realtors? How familiar is the Tampa realtor with the property he/she is selling? Make comprehensive notes of your observations and how you felt about the realtor after you leave.
What You Should Know About Properties This Year

If you just used the recommendations of others, check for the realtors by which you’re interested in the advertisements in the area media and newspaper. Carry out a drive-through in your neighborhood to see sold signs these realtors have. Make notes of how noticeable these realtors are and their marketing efforts.

Next, pick your top three realtor selections. It is wise if they may be from different companies, ensuring they’ll work more hard. Set appointments for all the three. For sellers, make the appointment in your home and tell them you’ll like an estimate of the market value of your property. For buyers, inform them you’ll like them to establish how much you are able to afford to buy a house. Make sure they understand that you and the two other realtors are meeting, and until you’ve met with all three, you’re not going to make your choice.

By picking an undesirable realtor, an already stressful occasion can be turned into a nightmare with consequences that you need to live with for years to come. Deciding on the best realtor can make an entirely satisfactory occasion and the encounter a fantasy come true. Selling or buying a home is stressful enough. Make certain you may not pick a realtor that is going to add to that anxiety.

Why People Think Communities Are A Good Idea

Your Loved Ones Deserve the Best Nursing Home

Getting old is inevitable, and every one of us might need to require some professional care to live. When we get old and couldn’t take care of ourselves, then we might need to go to an excellent nursing home. You might have a loved one today who is very old, and so choosing a nursing home that could tend to his or her needs is very important. Sending your old loved ones to a nursing home is an excellent idea, but you need to think about some few things first. There are many awesome nursing homes today which you could choose, but it is crucial that you only choose the best.

When choosing the best nursing home, you need to make sure that the company provides excellent service. Research will play an important role in determining whether or not that nursing home is the right home for your loved one. It is advisable that you check out many websites first and then choose which assisted living or nursing home you should choose. You also need to read testimonials from families who selected that particular nursing home. Listening to friends or other families recommendation is also very important. You and your family should have an idea first of how a particular nursing home can help your loved ones. Do not be deceived by attractive promotions or awesome advertisements, the most important thing is that they are able to take care of your loved ones properly. Being patient is important when choosing a nursing home.

When choosing a nursing home, considering the location of the home is very important. It is best that the nursing home is located near you or a friend or doctor’s house. In this way, you can visit your loved ones easily. There are families out there who don’t realize that choosing the area or the location of a nursing home is very important. Choosing a nursing home that is near a hospital is also an excellent idea, especially if there are emergency situations.
If You Read One Article About Resources, Read This One

You need to ask the nursing about visiting hours as well. You can give these nursing homes a call and ask them about their policies regarding visitation. And then you can make a shortlist of these nursing homes and choose one which would suit you and your family better. If you want to choose the best, then you need to compare different nursing homes.
You should ask your loved one as well whether or not they like the place.5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Homes